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Shopify Plugin

This is a Shopify plugin for making payments using CHAIPort. It adds a new payment option for your store on the checkout page and opens up a lot of options for the user to pay. The plugin can handle the payments and also your order statuses. It automatically updates the order status for the user if the transaction was successful or failed. It adds necessary notes to the order like transaction reference & if the transaction was unsuccessful, reason and status-code notes are attached to the order.


  1. A verified Merchant Account with CHAIPort


  1. Login to your Shopify store Admin Dashboard
  2. Shopify App link
  3. Click on the install button from Chaiport App page
  4. Follow the steps in the given in the demo videos for installation configuration

Demo Videos#


In case of any questions, issues please feel free to reach out to CHAIPort Support team at